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Meli's August 2004 Sea/Mountain Holidays
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So here we came to the end of the August reportage :)
As I wrote in the homepage, actually I am still on vacation and waiting to the lake highlights of Gardaland this saturday (28th of August).. but that I have no idea when or if I will be offering on web...

With Stef's old and new collegues.. it was a super dupa hectic night with them. And I am happy Stef still mantain contacts with Paola and Ale cos they are special two :)
I am also happy that the new collegues of him at MTV Italy are good people full of love for life. It's gonna be a great time ahead for him and me :)



Above, last image of sea for this year... it was not Cuba, but it was still a great way to bathe ;)
Below, me with Aunt Luisa, the Aunt of Stef's father. 90 years old, and someone I would love to be like at half of her years...
She's just the best mooded and better shaped woman I have ever met. An inspiration , truly someone above the average. I wish you all could live just one day with her. you'd learn so much about sense of life, like I do everytime we speak :)


With Roberto and Valeria just before we were leaving :)
Yes, we travel at night ;)



Me in the garden of my mountain house.. very relaxed, with the caravan me and my parents used to holiday with when I was a kid ;) Now it's placed in the garden as a relic ;)



Me and Stef at Boccadirio Sanctuary :) and below..
me with mum and dad.. after this august we will be newly under the same roof as I will be based in Florence again for a couple of one way is bad, cos I will be newly missing stef.. in another is great cos I will be again with them, and doing something at University I was lookin forward from a life :)


Hope you had a pleasant time along me and my Summer trip :) See you soon in the web waves :) Hugs, Meli :)

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