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Meli's August 2004 Sea/Mountain Holidays
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The4 end of the summer time at sea is approachin.. this is the real image of me conquered by sea I guess.. totally taken by the embrace of Neptune's water.


To eat every night out after a while starts to be a bit of a bore.. especially if, like me, you're forced to never eat all that you would like to due to allergic attacks...


But the beauty of locations is always helping the good mood. Here's Gallipoli Vecchia and the tiny, pictoresque terrace of Restaurant "Scoglio delle Sirene" (great fishing cookin :9)


The always expressive face of my lovely Elli :) She would be a great new version of Greta Garbo. :)



You could never imagine how long is Luca's tongue. Ehy!!! Don't think bad.. Elli photographed it ;) My tongue is just Stef's ;)



Blue sky, blue sea. his embrace.. is there anyone guessing what would I be in need of when I had all of that? :)
Answer correct. I could need nothing more than what I got already :)


Me in Red for the dinner at Sunrise (second time) along Stef's collegues old and new.. followin me in the next and ultimate page of my holidays.. mountain house of mine break included :)


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