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Meli's August 2004 Sea/Mountain Holidays
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Barbara, Me, Arianna and Elli...
ready to have the Lecce journey and after (unseen in these pictures) more than ready to eat at fabulous "Villa Della Monica" Restaurant.
I had a massive allergic crises after. But the food was worthy every stomach pain after ;)


Daniele, Stef, Marco, Danilo and Luca... the boys weren't bad either ;)



All happy couples, all happy couples :) Marco wasn't coupled but he kept having his fun ;)



We managed to bring the Granny TWICE at sea.. a miracle they said.. but I am experted in them ;)



Me and Stef at Bar Castello.. the leading point to the living night :)


With my beloved Elli and with two awesome persons, the mighty Mirko and Isabella. They live in Novara and we are surey gonna meet them this winter. they're absolutely adorable and more than funny :)


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