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Meli's August 2004 Sea/Mountain Holidays
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Here you can admire my best pic ever of a sky ;)
in this page, some vibe of sea, with beautiful people, and with some more beach views.. oh.. and the first part of Saint Laurent night with falling stars on the beach... the first day of Stef with me here!!! :)


The pictures of Cosima and me.. another one soon coming. Here you see one of my beloved bikinis for its last expo.. it broke at the end of the holidays so... no more blue strawberries on my tanned skin ;)


Below you see one hell of a trendy, yet tastey and special restaurant. The Sunrise near to Gallipoli Corso Roma. Vote: 10 :)



Valeria is Stef and Marco's cousin.. she does awesome mosaics.. check in my link Page her link.. you'll be wordless, like I went as I stepped in her laboratory :) some of her works are in Moscow :)



Saint Laurent Night is a tradition: we make fires on the beach, we bathe at midnight, we dance and sing while all is dark, and only stars are bleeping...
That's very romantic :)


More images of the group on the beach in the subsequent page... :)


This very peculiar picture has no postwork nor effects.. it's a setting of 400 asa with the fire behind me, focus centered.. I have no idea how the fire became this kind of red rainbow, but there you go.. unwanted art I guess ;)


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