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Meli's August 2004 Sea/Mountain Holidays
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Here's the dancers of Elli at their pre-performing time:
they kindly asked me to pose too:)
Oh.. that night I also learnt how to be a light technician...
All to help Luca, Elli's fiancÚ that was the sound engeneer for the night :)


What can I say.. they are all so beautiful, that my image really is a slap unnecessary compared to their fresh visages and smiles...



Annalisa always takes my breath away :)
But all of them are amazing.. and yep, they don't think they are!!!
I still have a regret.. that Marta didn't agree in posing for me. she is the youngest dancer (14) and she was never thinkin her face could interest a photographer.. TOO BAD, cos she has an angel's face that i am sorry you cannot see...



This Ilaria is not MY Ilaria in Florence :9 but she's a lovely girl too.. she is as well in the school of Elli, though a bit older than the others, being 26 (argh!!!! and I am older than she.. make your conclusion ;))



Marco and Elli said I was seeming to PLAY the desk like a piano instead of controlling lights....
the whole thing was absolutely superfunny :)


Get used to lovely Luca... "Faffolottolo"!!!! (Luca and Elli imported my sweety nicknames to Stef into their own couple ;)... you rock dears :))


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