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Meli's August 2004 Sea/Mountain Holidays
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Rieti's people were actually based near Taranto...
not really Gallipoli but we had so much fun together, we meet them three times during our staying :)


Eh, yep.. Barbara is always Barbara.. as beautiful as Sofia (Loren... :))

Thanx to the time spent together in Gallipoli I also got the chance to know better Arianna's boyfriend Danilo. The man is a blast, a pure showman. He's also sweet and smart, and I think Arianna has picked up a real golden boy for herself :)
Barbara and Daniele were as radiant as the day I firstly met them , when they married. I hope we get soon the chance to visit them in Rome... We have also to visit Paola and Alessandro (Stef's ex collegues at Accenture) there.. a double reason of joy :)


In this picture you see also Stef and Marco's grandmother Cosima :) You will see her in many pictures in these pages. She's 84 years old but she acts like she is 60... a force of nature, like all the strong Southern women cos all of her sister and relatives (who are even older than her) have the same independency, authonomy and good spirit. It might be the sun that keeps them so lively and well shaped :)
Oh, and just for the record.. I love her :) TONS :)


My footstep on the sand ;) Camon.. I had to take a cheesy picture.. this is because.. from now it starts some view of the bikinis of mine too ;)


That one that seems so far away from the camera is my, with one of my oldest bikinis (still an everytime favourite...)
Yes, you won't see my long hair on the bach cos it was impossible to wear them free over shoulders. I am a swimmer and I cannot swim when all of my hair are catchin me and makin impossible to move arms into water.
So... no problems, I know that looks ridicolous but I was having all time "Heidi" hairdo when on the beach.
That was useful also for my volleyball games on sand.. that you'll see later on.. be faithful ;)

I know I write it every year but gotta repeat it again: that is the REAL colour of Gallipoli water. No work with camera at all, no tricks. Come and you'll see something you thing belongs just to Maldives ;)


That stupid pose of me 90 degrees laughing is due to Elli.. that you see below with me.
She's my icon, my best friend at sea, and smeone I just admire infinitely :)
She's strong, tender, wise, determined, and multi talented creature.
She's also one of the most beautiful faces ever in my book, so very noble, so very heartwarmening creature. Love you dear :)


Starting Marco's personal galleries of females. First one is Francesca, one of Elli's schooldancers.
Very cute, very good dancer too :)


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