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Meli's August 2004 Sea/Mountain Holidays
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Being at sea 10 days before Stef came in as well, I passed the first third of August with his bro Marco and the friends of "Bar Castello"...



They are friends from a life, and they are practically the young hip group of Parabita. Very funny people, and various as for moods as well, wich is positive in itself , as it leaves you a chance to choose when feeling more "night life tuned" or more mellowed determined...



I actually decided to live the ten days "Stef-less" in very nightlife mood :)
Stef asked his brother to scientifically "dry my energies down" so by the time he would have joined us I would have agreed in a very laid back way to spend our time.
Well, Marco tried his best, and in fact we spent every night out... but my energies are far too extended, and no matter allergic sympthomes and stuff, I got enough to ask night life also when Stef went in too ;)

I have to say the summer takes the best out of me... I love to not go sleeping, I love to make everything working weeks simply don't allow anyone to do.
In all this, though, gotta say I missed Stef infinitely.
Cannot help myself.. for how much I can still have fun without him at my side... it's never the same amount of fun I can get when he's with me. Love is love. ;)


If you will see Marco in many pics with beautiful girls along these pages, don't think too bad (or too good) of him ;) He's a typical Italian when it comes to sea/summer approaches to girls ;)
To have me along him, always up to have shots of beautiful models surely helped him in makin a top score regarding successful trials, I guess ;)
Females agree to pose for a female requesting better than for a male's one...



The beautiful sights of Parabita, S. Caterina, Gallipoli, Boccadirio and Lecce will be seable in even more features in my Art Camera section page. Check out and if you wanna see bigger versions of them, again just write me in mail about your request and I will hopefully fulfill them all.

Annalisa to me is a natural beauty. She's the girlfriend of Elli's older brother Giuseppe. He's very fortunate in having her to me. She's adorably sweet (that she's very beautiful you don't need to read my words to reckon it ;)) and she really loves him. Let's hope her young age compared to his won't deviated her tastes to his own ones.
The beautiful guy in the pic along Annalisa is Alessio.. a future priest (who still love to go out clubbing ;))



Puglia in the Salento Region is filled with discoteques and clubs. these are the "4 Colonne" an ancient castle that is now a club location over the sea.
The favourite of mine though still the "Quartiere Latino" club.. we went there twice but I didn't shot any pics.. I was too occupied in dancin and also here, as you see, I was still (but Marco shot me too) :)

One of the most pleasant things on holidays at Gallipoli was that many people among our friends spread through the whole Italy actually decided to have their holidays in the same venues as we use to.
So in the next pages, get ready to meet again beautiful Barbara and Daniele, along Arianna and Danilo after you saw them last year at Barbara's marriages, and then see also the Lodi volley club moved to sea with Luso, Laura and the creek meeting us on the beach (1300 km for makin the meeting!! not bad ;)), and in the end  also Stef's ex Accenture collegues Paola and Alessandro, mixed with new MTV collegue Angela and spouse... Everybody comes to us, in the end ;)


All images in these pages belong to Cioni Melania aka gallimel and they cannot be stolen, borrowed, modified or used without permission allowed from myself.
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