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Meli's August 2004 Sea/Mountain Holidays

Welcome in the visual diary of my August 2004.
Yes.. you're gonna see me "bikined" too ;)

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I upload this though yet I haven't the pictures from Gardaland (I'll be there in 5 days) cos the September and October months are gonna see me in Florence due to working tasks and allergic vaccines and the time won't be much then to update this long page...
so knowing you are lookin forward to my sea/mountain holidays, I let you step in again in the clearest of seas along me, and have a quick break in Appennino Mountains too.



The allergia kept bothering me also in the sea staying, makin me in the space of a few hours be filled with air inside body, lookin exactly like a whale,but luckely getting back to my normal shape way faster than in cities (doctor told me the sea air would have been a bless!!). No need to say the pictures of me you see in these pages were taken when my body was lookin the normal way.
Otherwise, believe me, you would have laughed A LOT. ;)

I also found MANY beautiful people to get inspired from, like the dancers of my friend Elli's school: young beautiful teens you will admire here, and awesome artists of the stage too.
Thanx Elli for always being the most splendid companion in my Holidays down to Southern Sun : may everything always smile at you, and your ife with Luca be the best that is possible to live :)


This summer has been quite raining.. luckely in 3 weeks at sea, I saw clouds just for 4 hours ;) That's why I ma decently tanned ;)

All images in these pages belong to Cioni Melania aka gallimel and they cannot be stolen, borrowed, modified or used without permission allowed from myself.
To have images in higher resolution for artistic purpose please contact me through email seable from my main page.
Every rule breakin regarding copyright and property is gonna be prosecuted by law.